Defence Special Interest Group Technology Showcase

08 March, 2023



Wednesday 8th March 2023 | Battlelab Dorset

The Defence Special Interest Group is holding its inaugural Technology Showcase this year:

The event will showcase new technologies for use in the defence and security market. If you would like to present your capabilities, please submit an abstract, by 3rd February, for your presentation to

Themes include, but are not limited to:

  • Persistent collection of environmental data in the oceans
  • High-resolution object detection on ships and underwater vehicle hulls
  • Novel sensing technologies, such as high-resolution forward-look sonars and sub-bottom profilers, including the detection of non-ferrous materials and non-acoustic solutions
  • Persistent monitoring of the subsea environment, including passive sensing

The invites will include the Royal Navy and end users, Defence and Science Technology Labs and Defence prime contractors. There will also be a session/workshop on ‘Doing Business with the MOD’.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available – please contact

Abstract Submission Form

This is a call for abstracts for presentations for the inaugural SUT Defence Special Interest Group Technology Workshop.

Each presentation will be 20 minutes, with a Q&A at the end of each session (the sessions will be 3 or 4 presentations). The presentations MUST focus on technology and/or case studies – they must not be sales presentations.