Hardship scheme for members impacted by COVID-19 downturn job losses

We know times are tough for our members, in many of the sectors where they work. For those in the offshore oil & gas industry the current low and volatile oil prices places some of our longstanding members at risk of redundancy, or if they’re working as contractors there’s a higher than usual risk of not being able to find paid work.

To help our members through this time we’ve taken the decision to set up new schemes that will cover the cost of retaining individual membership of SUT through to June 2021 for technical and engineering staff who meet the following criteria:

  • Engineering and technical staff made redundant from existing corporate members can apply for a free individual membership running through to June 2021. Members in this category will get all the normal individual membership benefits with the exception of being able to stand for SUT Council positions.
  • The SUT will also setup a ‘hardship scheme’ to cover membership costs of existing active individual SUT members made redundant or unable to find paid work this year (2020). Again, this will cover their membership through to June 2021. Access to this scheme will be limited to people who have been active individual members for at least 12 months, prior to February 2020. 
  • Awards of membership will be decided on an individual basis by the SUT CEO and be dependent on the applicant being able to demonstrate active membership of the SUT, examples of this could be work supporting a regional branch, committee or special interest group.

This offer is effective immediately – please contact jane.hinton@sut.org or cheryl.burgess@sut.org to apply.

So please, stay healthy and safe, stay engaged with SUT through our increasing number of online events and the weekly Podcasts, & get in touch if there’s anything we can do for you.