Ocean Resources 


The identification, exploration and exploitation of living, non–living and energy resources in and beneath the world’s seas and oceans and to consider the environmental implication of their occurrence.


To provide a recognised interdisciplinary forum in the UK to develop the awareness of the scientific and commercial opportunities for the exploration, evaluation and exploitation of resources from the sea commensurate with the proper requirements for the protection of the environment.


To encourage the advance and dissemination of knowledge in the above domain

To identify those activities where research by collaboration is likely to prove cost–effective and to promote co–ordination between individuals, disciplines and organisations

To be a source of objective comment to government, industry and research bodies

To initiate and support seminars, conferences and evening meetings to stimulate the exchange of information in the area of interest


The Committee should consist of individuals having a close interest in the aim of the Committee such that a broad representation is achieved from industry, academia, research institutes and government departments.