Animal Biomechanics

The Royal Navy recently launched an RFI for Animal Biomechanics that may be of interest to SUT members;

β€˜The Royal Navy is progressing its use in uncrewed and autonomous surface and submersible vehicles. NavyX, the experimental arm of the Royal Navy is interested in exploring novel systems and designs. Concepts that may be based on physical animal biomechanics or behaviours that give an advantage through being more agile, efficient, or stealthy, possibly through having a reduced signature. Evolutionary biomechanics move away from using traditional thrusters, to those inspired by the flapping fins of swimming animals such as fish or penguins. Examples of this may include the unique dual-mode pulse jet and fin movement of squid, how fish form and manoeuvre as a shoal, or how jellyfish move through water with greater efficiency.’

Please see the attached pdf for full information including how to respond to the RFI.

The public notice can be found here:

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