Marine Environmental Science 

Marine Environmental Science Special Interest Group (MES SIG)

The MES SIG was set up in early 2021 to provide a forum for professionals from industry, academia, and government to discuss and share ideas, technologies, applications, concepts, and policies for marine environmental science.

Marine Environmental Science is of relevance to a multitude of offshore applications and developments including offshore renewables and hydrocarbon energy resource exploitation, food resources (including aquaculture and wild fisheries), extraction of seafloor minerals, emplacement submarine cables and pipelines and other sub-sea structures, ports and harbours development, defence etc. Members include those working in and/or have qualifications in biological, chemical and physical marine environmental science.

Currently, meetings are held quarterly at which several presentations are provided and topics of interest are discussed. We are planning to hold seminars, workshops, and training events.

Current officers elected to the SIG comprise:

Chair: Katie Cross (ERM)





Secretary: Lucy Shuff (RPS)





If you are interested in joining the MES SIG, please contact Secretary Lucy Shuff at

MES SIG members are required to be individual or corporate members of the SUT. For membership details please consult


You can listen to the Underwater Technology podcast episode below where we speak with Katie, Lucy, and past member Nathan all about the SUT’s Marine Environmental Science Special Interest Group.