Diving and Crewed Submersibles 


To provide a forum for the development, and for the inter-disciplinary and inter-organisation communication, of all aspects of professional diving and crewed submersible technology and operations.


To monitor technology developments and to alert appropriate disciplines and organisations of areas identified as requiring attention or R & D and to recommend appropriate actions. To recognise and promote national and international links and dissemination of information between academia, industry, research establishments, government departments, trade associations and professional institutions to encourage co–operation and co–ordination. To consider and, where appropriate, encourage new underwater technology of all forms, the improvement of safety standards, and the development of professional standards.


The Committee should consist of individuals or representatives having a close interest in the aims of the Committee such that a broad cross-section is achieved from across the areas delineated in the HSE Diving at Work regulations. If you are a member of the Committee in this area, please click the link below to go to the password-protected page.


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