Educational Support Fund

Sponsorship for Gifted Students in Marine Science, Underwater Technology, and Subsea Engineering to meet industry’s critical shortage of suitably qualified entrants.

The Society for Underwater Technology’s Educational Support Fund offers sponsorship awards to high calibre undergraduate and postgraduate students, either starting or continuing a degree that embraces at least one relevant component area of marine science, underwater technology or offshore engineering. The postgraduate award is only available to students taking one-year taught MSc courses.

MRes course students are eligible to apply providing they are not being fully funded by an EPSRC grant. A letter from a supervisor at the University to the effect that they are not being fully funded should be supplied before a student can take up any offer of support from us.

The undergraduate scholarship award will continue throughout the entire period, or remaining part, of the degree course, subject to a satisfactory academic standard being maintained, which will be reviewed annually.

The grants are open to any student, irrespective of age or nationality – for study at any course in the world that is approved by the Society. This grant is not open for PhD studies. Doctoral students may apply for the Bil Loth Doctoral Grant.


  • Early identification of high quality students with potential interest in marine science and technology
  • Early exposure of sponsoring firms to students and vice versa
  • Steering of uncommitted high quality students towards the offshore and maritime industry, particularly towards the sponsoring firms
  • Regular exposure of students’ progress, professional interests and project work to sponsoring industry
  • Potential for industry involvement in project work
  • Improved industry/university contacts
  • A ready–made linkage for vacation attachments of students to sponsoring firms
  • Regular publicity for sponsoring firms
  • Linkage with a government approved scheme.


  • Over 250 postgraduate and undergraduate students supported through the £465,000 raised by the Educational Support Fund.
  • There has been a very high success rate, with very good academic results, and onward entry into the offshore industry or related research.
  • Of unique scope, the Fund is one of the largest non–governmental sources of sponsorship for science and engineering students.
  • Annual awards range from £2,000 for undergraduates to £4,000 for taught Masters students, with special Gold and Platinum prizes to the outstanding students of the year.


Postgraduate-Masters candidates should have obtained their undergraduate degree in a relevant engineering or science subject.
AND have been accepted on a one-year Masters (postgraduate) course of study related to offshore engineering, marine science, or underwater technology.

Undergraduate candidates should have either permission to proceed to the second or subsequent year of the relevant BS, BSc or BEng degree course
OR a firm offer of a degree place at a university,
OR a provisional offer to be based on examination results yet to be taken.


The selection is made on the basis of the information given in the application form together with:

For Postgraduates-Masters – A head of university department’s report.  A current employer’s reference should also be submitted as applicable.

For Undergraduates – A head teacher’s reference or head of a university department’s report.

It is important to ensure that all sections of the application form are fully completed. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of the assessment in early September.

For Postgraduates-Doctoral (Bil Loth Doctoral Grant) – A head of university department’s report. A current employer’s reference should also be submitted as applicable.


Postgraduates-Masters – The Society’s Educational Support Fund currently pays its sponsored students up to a maximum of £4,000 per annum for a full academic year.

Undergraduates – The Society’s Educational Support Fund currently pays its sponsored students up to a maximum of £2,000 per annum for a full academic year.

SUT scholars may apply for other sources of funding and still be eligible for an SUT grant. However, Please note the receipt of an SUT Grant may affect the level of funding that you may receive from other sources.

For Postgraduates-Doctoral (Bil Loth Doctoral Grant) – The Society’s Doctoral Fund currently pays its sponsored students a minimum of £500 per annum for a full academic year, for a maximum of a three-year study programme. This top-up grant does not affect the eligibility for an EPSRC grant.


For the academic year 2024-2025

1. Request an Application Form – Students wishing to be considered for an SUT sponsorship award should request an application form by no later than Sunday 30 June 2024, by contacting Jane Hinton [email protected].

Important: When applying for an application form, please:

  • give details of the subject you are studying/intend to study, and
  • supply the link to your course from the University webpage.

2. If your request is successful, an application form will be sent to you. The application form together with relevant reference(s) should be completed and returned by Midnight (UK time) Wednesday 31 July 2024 to Jane Hinton at [email protected].  Late applications will not be accepted.

For more information contact:
Cheryl Burgess SUT, Nunn Hayward LLP, 2-4 Packhorse Road, Gerrards Cross, SL9 7QE (correspondence address only)
t: + 44 (0)7947 911992  e: [email protected]