Environmental Forces (SUTGEF) 

SUT Group on Environmental Forces (SUTGEF) exists to advance and disseminate knowledge on the environmental forces that act on offshore structures.

Please click here for a short history of the Society for Underwater Technology Group on Environmental Forces.


  • To provide a forum for discussion between experts in industry, research, and official bodies on the state of the technology of predicting and understanding environmental forces
  • To promote co–operation and pooling of knowledge
  • To provide status reports and advice, by means of articles in the SUT journal, and through seminars and conferences


To encourage the advance and dissemination of knowledge in those aspects of the atmosphere and ocean which affect the design of offshore and underwater structures, or which affect offshore and underwater operations; also, the mechanisms by which these environmental factors produce forces on structures.


The Group shall consist of individuals having a close interest in the aims of the Group such that a broad representation is achieved of industry, academia, research institutes and government departments.
Members will be appointed in a personal capacity but bearing in mind their affiliation, and may each nominate one alternate.
For further information on SUTGEF and details of forthcoming meetings, please contact the chairman: Prof. Qingwei Ma, [email protected]


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