Marine Renewable Energies 


The identification, exploration and exploitation of renewable energy technologies in, on and beneath the world’s waters, seas and oceans, and the consideration of the environmental implication of their exploitation.


To be responsible to Council for activities in the above domain which further the aims and interests of the Society, and to keep Council informed as required by written and verbal reports.


To provide a recognised interdisciplinary forum in the UK to review progress in, and develop the awareness of, the scientific and commercial opportunities for the exploitation of renewable energy resources from the sea commensurate with the proper requirements for the protection of the environment, and to be a catalyst in ensuring that financial support to the industry is enabled.


To encourage the advance and dissemination of knowledge in the above domain

To identify those activities where research by collaboration is likely to prove cost–effective and to promote co–ordination between individuals, disciplines and organisations

To encourage the application of technologies developed in other industries, especially the offshore oil & gas sector, where they may benefit marine renewables

To be a source of objective comment to government, industry and research bodies

To initiate, collaborate in and support seminars, conferences and evening meetings to stimulate the exchange of information, and in particular to work with Reed Exhibitions for the conference sessions of the annual All–Energy event

To promote and encourage the preparation of papers for submission to the Society’s Journal Underwater Technology
if appropriate, to initiate nominations for the Society’s annual President’s Award and the David Partridge Award for Underwater Technology


The Committee should consist of individuals having a close interest in the aim of the Committee such that a broad representation is achieved from industry, academia, research institutes and government departments

Members should appoint a Chairman from among their own numbers to be approved by Council for a term of approximately three years
The Committee should nominate a member specifically to seek out papers for forwarding to the Publications Committee


To establish adhoc Working Groups as necessary to carry out studies, investigations and to make reports on specific tasks, and to work alongside other organisations where appropriate.


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