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The most important part of any magazine is its readership. That is why UT2 stands out ahead of its peers. Its core readership: the members of the Society for Underwater Technology, the most influential and active society of its type. The magazine is also represented at all the many exhibitions around the world at which the Society both co–organises and attends. Furthermore, the magazine is distributed at the many subsea training courses that are organised by the Society, ensuring tomorrow’s engineers and technologists are included. It goes out to academic bodies and libraries around the world. It is distributed at branch meetings in Australia and Houston.

Some subsea magazines concentrate on niche areas to the virtual exclusion of everything else. Conversely, broad–spectrum magazines are read by people from a wide range of disciplines, many of which, by definition, are uninterested in underwater issues. UT2, however, is positioned to cover a focused range of underwater subjects including offshore, marine renewables, subsea engineering, ocean resources, diving and manned submersibles, underwater science and robotics.

Advertising in UT2

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Full individual and named corporate members receive this magazine free as part of their membership.

UT2 website

To find out more about the magazine, please visit the UT2 website, www.ut–2.com

UT3 e–Magazine

The online magazine of the Society for Underwater Technology

UT3 is the online magazine of the Society for Underwater Technology, and covers the subsea industry. It consists of the content of the print magazine UT2, greatly expanded with other information, but is unlimited by the size and distribution constraints.

If you have neither the time nor inclination to constantly visit subsea websites to get subsea news, UT3 will deliver this in an easily digestible package that you can peruse at your leisure.  To ensure you quickly go to the part that interests you most, offshore news is at the front of the issue, followed by sections on pipelines cables, umbilicals, etc., then  oceanology and renewables, and finally, seismic at the back of the publication.

Latest Issue of UT3

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Downloading UT3 onto an iPad

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UV2 e–Magazine

The underwater vehicles magazine of the Society for Underwater Technology

UV2 is the online underwater vehicles magazine of the Society for Underwater Technology, and covers underwater vehicles in the subsea industry.

Latest Issue of UV2

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