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Sixth Underwater Science Symposium – Out of Print

Collected papers

Ringbound, 2003
104 pp, Colour, 67 figures and tables
Order Reference C29   This book is currently out of print


  • HOLOMAR: A Holographic System for Subsea Recording and Analysis of Plankton and Other Marine Particles
  • Benthic Long–Term Observatories Based on Lander Technology
  • Developments to a Deep–Sea Lander for Studies within the Oxygen Minimum Zone of the Pakistan Margin
  • AUV Freshwater Distribution Surveys in Deep Fjords
  • Survey Autonomous Semi–Submersible (SASS) Technology
  • The SOC–BP ROV Collaboration Scheme: The Benefits To Science Of Industrial Collaboration Using Remotely Operated Vehicles
  • Mapping Of Deep–Water Corals and Fishery Impacts in the Northeast Skagerrak, Using Acoustical and ROV Survey Techniques
  • Marine Mammals as Platforms for Oceanographic Sampling: Salinity and Temperature Structure of a Freezing Arctic Fjord Monitored by White Whales (Delphinapterus leucas)
  • Pop–Up Ears in The Ocean–Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Whale Behaviour, Distributions and Their Underwater Acoustic Environment
  • Moorings to Investigate Inter–Annual Variability in Krill Abundance and Water–Mass Physical Characteristics of South Georgia
  • Use of an Automated Recording System to Monitor Spionid Worms Spawning in a Sub–Antarctic Station
  • In–Situ Evaluation of Contaminant Behaviour in Near–Shore Sediments–Approach for the Pathway Ranking for In–Situ Sediment Management (PRISM) Program
  • Scanning the Seafloor: A Novel Sediment Profile Camera; Lander Techniques for Deep–Ocean Biological Research
  • Subsea Hydraulic Production Control System Optimisation: A Rationale for Sizing Valve Tree Actuators
  • Hand–Held Computer Technology, Optical Sensors and CAN Networks: The Future to Make Oceanographic In–Situ Measurements?
  • The Isis ROV: A New Resource for UK Underwater Science; Alternative Method for Short Rigid Jumper Retaining
  • The New NERC Scientific Research Vessel (RRS Charles Darwin Replacement)–A User’s Perspective
  • Recent Technological Advances and Their Application to Deep–Sea Biological Research in Japan
  • Flock Distortion: A Role for Collective Robotics in Ocean Mapping
  • Monitoring Environmental Variability Around Cold–Water Coral Reefs Using a Benthic Photo Lander
  • In–Situ Investigations of Behaviour and Physiology in Deep–Sea Animals Using Autonomous Lander Vehicles
  • ASSEM: Array of Sensors for Long–Term Seabed Monitoring of Geohazards
  • The Deep–Sea Community at the Galicia Bank (NW Spain), Its Abiotic Environment and the Settlement Experiment; Standalone Subsea Data Monitoring System
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