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SUBTECH ’95 – Out of print

Addressing the Subsea Challenge

Proceedings of the international conference, held 1995 and co–sponsored by IMCA

ISBN 0 906940 27 3, Softbound, 1995
285 pp., 89 figures and tables
Order Reference C10 
This book is currently out of print



These proceedings address the needs of the subsea and intervention industry during a time of financial and physical challenges, with low oil prices and a need to develop small and deepwater fields economically. The resulting technologies include improved designs and the use of new and alternative materials to help reduce the burden of routine inspection and maintenance costs, and improve operating procedures.

In addition to subsea engineering design, submersibles have evolved dramatically from sophisticated unmanned, but tethered, vehicles in the eighties, to the development of autonomous vehicles. At the same time, the industry has developed an impressive array of tools to meet the complexities of subsea tasks, and further innovations that will be needed for operations in deeper and more difficult water.

Aimed at engineers, designers and operators, these proceedings describe how the industry is rising to meet these challenges, in a programme of varied sessions.

Sections are: Keynote Address; Subsea Robotics; Deepwater Developments; Technical Developments; Diving and Physiology; and Operational Experience.

  • The Subsea Business Revolution–Sink or Swim for Offshore Contracting – R Shepherd
  • RD&D in the Market of the Millennium – K Bassiti
  • Dangerous Encounters: Safety to Installations and Fishing Gear – K Knox and AG Hopper
  • Inspection of Subsea Nodal Welds by the ARM Robot Manipulator – DR Broome, TJ Larkum and MS Hall
  • The TUUV Program, I Edwards; An AUV for Pipeline Survey–The Next Step in Low Cost Remote Operations Technology – J Gooder and A Tonge
  • Unmanned Mini–Submarine for Offshore Inspections – A Bjerrum, B Krogh and L Henriksen
  • Deepwater Welding and Intervention Technology – JH Nixon and IM Richardson
  • SnapLay–A Modular Pipelay Technique – M Craig and M Dick
  • Remote Low Cost Subsea Control System – P Hands
  • Back to Basics–The Economically Alternative Tree Design – AC Dyson and JC Cullion
  • The Next 5 Years, M Witton; Integrated Subsea Production Surveillance: Sensors for Subsea Production Systems – ELE Kluth
  • Detecting Freespans in Sidescan Sonar Records–Automatically – C Reid and AD Tress
  • Horizon 2000: A Novel System Approach to Inspection and Integrity Monitoring of Flexible Flowlines and Risers – B G Redden
  • Testing Communications Systems on Diving Installations – V Flook
  • The IMCA–HSE–UKOOA Dive Data Management System (DDMS) – JC Gardiner and ST Brooke
  • Noise Hazard in the Diving Environment – J Nedwell and K Needham
  • Development of Cyclops–A Diver–s Helmet Display System for Offshore Inspection and Maintenance Operations – AG Robinson and N Wright
  • Operational Experience of Multipass and Backfill Ploughs – JB Machin
  • Work Class ROVs: What are the Performance Limits and How Can They Be Extended? – HW Williams
  • Towards ROV–less Installation: Experience Gained on BP Cyrus – I Edwards
  • Fulmar SALM Buoy Removal–An Application of Cold Cutting – A West and AG Counsell
  • Cold Cutting for Decommissioning – T Copros
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