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Third Underwater Science Symposium: Underwater Research and Discovery – Out of print

Collected papers of the symposium held 1996

Ringbound, 1996
78 pp., 23 figures and tables,
Order Reference C9  This book is currently out of print


The Third Underwater Science Symposium of the SUT’s Underwater Science Group covered many topics under the broad scope of the conference title in mixed topic sessions. For the first time the Symposium also held a wet session, giving delegates the opportunity to try out a range of exotic kit from rebreathers to bubble helmets. The conference was co–sponsored by the Hampshire and Wight Trust for Marine Archaeology and the subjects presented reflected this extra marine archaeological emphasis, as well as the general topics relating to marine science, diving and technology.

Extended Abstracts
  • Advancements in Rebreather Technology–Stealth Diving the Divex Way
  • Bathymetric Swath Systems
  • A Pauper’s View of the World: The Perspective of an Underwater Archaeologist
  • Scientific Diving by British Antarctic Survey
  • A Strategy for –Top–Down– Marine Benthic Mapping Using Geographic Information Systems
  • Scientific Diving in the US Antarctic Programme
  • Marine Archaeology in Norway: Further Needs for New Technology in Search and Investigation of Sites
  • Shipwreck Surveying and Chirp (Sub–Bottom Profiler) Technology
  • Status of the Unmanned Underwater Vehicle, MARTIN
  • Recent Developments in Acoustic Techniques used in Marine Archaeology
  • The Mary Rose Project: Why is it all Worthwhile?
  • Wrecks and Science–From RMS Oceanic in 10m to the MV François Veiljeux in 1250m
  • The Effects of Burrowing Activity on a Wreck Site in Poole Bay, Dorset, UK
  • The Size of the Alderney Wreck
  • Seismic Reflection Survey and Diver Inspection: An Assessment of their Integrated Application in the Archaeological Evaluation of Marine Environments
  • Marine Geohazards; the Offshore Fraser River Delta, British Columbia
  • The Alternative Way Forward for Marine Archaeology
  • The Shoals of Capricorn Expedition: The Phased Programme
  • The Excavation, Recovery and Provisional Analysis of a Medieval Wreck From Magor Pill, Gwent Levels, UK
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