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Towards 2000: Metres or Millennium? – Out of Print

Collected papers of the international conference held 1996

Ringbound, 1996
Order Reference C13 This book is currently out of print

Site investigations on the continental slope and beyond present a multitude of interesting challenges for the oil and gas industry. Acknowledging the increase in deepwater surveys, these papers seek to establish what the challenges are and how to address them. If you have an interest in the fields of deepwater engineering, survey systems or geological phenomena, this volume will be of interest to you.

Sections are: What Are the Site Investigation Challenges for Deepwater Field Development/Drilling?; Deepwater Engineering Geological Phenomena; Site Investigation Data Acquisition–Problems and Solutions; and Deepwater Site Investigation Case Histories. Also includes 55 figures and tables.

  • Environmental Concerns in Deepwater Areas–The Atlantic Margin – M Ferguson
  • Offshore Geotechnical Engineering: Reflections and Future Perspectives–A Company View – HP Christophersen
  • Deepwater Seeps, Hydrates and Associated Features – A Judd
  • Storegga Slide and other mid–Norway Engineering Geological Problems – D Evans
  • Deepwater Sedimentary Processes in the Gulf of Guinea – P Cochonat
  • Earthquake Induced Instability of Submarine Clay Slopes – F Nadim
  • An Integrated Environmental Survey of Twenty Thousand km– of Seafloor West of Shetland – DG Masson et al
  • Review of Acoustic Positioning in Deepwater – R Williams
  • Review of Available Deepwater Survey Geophysical Systems–Echo Sounders, Sidescan Sonars and Sub–bottom Profilers – D Hussong
  • A Deepwater Swathe Bathymetry System – A Jack
  • Deepwater Sediment Sampling – T Lunne
  • Deepwater PCPTs for Drilling Rigs – P Power
  • Oceanographic Measurements in Deepwater – G Brown
  • Oman–India Pipeline – R Evans
  • Geophysical Investigation of Foinaven/Schiehallion – I Hamilton
  • Geotechnical Investigation of Foinaven/Schiehallion – K Hampson
  • Accurate Measurement and Positioning West of Shetland–The Challenges of Temperature and Salinity Variations in Deep Water – DRC Philip
  • Deepwater Geotechnical Investigations in the Gulf of Mexico – J Pelletier
  • Deepwater Site Investigation Offshore West Africa – H Kuhn
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