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Underwater Technology International ’97: Remote Intervention

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Proceedings of the international conference, held April 1997

ISBN 0 906940 30 3, Softbound, 1997
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As the offshore industry moves steadily into deeper water, and the use of man and manned vehicles becomes increasingly dangerous, expensive and impracticable, so the tools of remote intervention have to be developed and exploited. These proceedings attempt to promote these technologies, and are applicable to a variety of industries, including hydrocarbon exploration companies, defence industries, deep ocean mineral exploitation, and salvage operations.

The volume contains papers written by specialists in remote intervention and robotic technology, who analyse the state of the current systems. The authors look ahead to see what other technologies can be utilised, emphasising what the requirements of industry are for the next millennium under the sea. It contains 370 pages and 173 figures and tables.

Remote Intervention Experiences
  • Shell International Deepwater Developments – R W Dee, Shell International Exploration and Production BV
  • From Sea to Space, A Perspective on the Effect of Subsea Remote Intervention Techniques on Space Station Design – G Hughes, Oceaneering International; and M Gittleman, Oceaneering Space Systems
  • The Statoil Deepwater Pipeline Repair System – D Norman, Subsea Offshore Ltd
  • Remote Rigid Spoolpiece Tie–ins – G Corbetta, SASP Offshore Engineering
  • MAC Manifold–A Revolutionary Concept in Deepwater Production, J Mair, Subsea Offshore Ltd
Recent Advances in New Technologies and Techniques for Remote Intervention
  • Overview of Fibre Optic Sensor Technology and Potential for Future Subsea Applications – J W Berthold, McDermott/Babcock and Wilcox
  • PO/SV–An Aided Inertial Navigation System for Submersible Vehicles – S Woolven, TSS (UK) Ltd, and M Field, Applanix Corp
  • The Remote Installation of Pipeline Bundles – I Edwards, Rockwater Ltd
Intervention Robotics and Systems
  • Advanced Teloperated Robots for Hazardous Environments – G Pegman and D Hopper, UK Robotics Ltd
  • Remote Intervention in the Nuclear Environment – P Misson, Pierre Misson Consulting Engineer
  • Recent Innovations in Remote Connection of Standard Bolt Flanges – D Cruikshank, Sonsub International Ltd
  • Recent Developments in ROV–Deployed Multibeam – P R Steenstrop, Reson Offshore
Remote Intervention–What of the Future?
  • Future Requirements for Deepwater Remote Intervention–Proposal for a Remotely Operated Repair Station – P Szelagowski, GKSS Research Centre
  • Back to the Future (Technology on Strings) – P Gledhill, Stolt Comex Seaway
  • The RCU System–Workhorse of the Future? – F Hoos, Seatec Underwater Systems BV
  • ‘Extracting the Digit’–Time for an ROV Electronics Shake–up? – D Stewart, Kongsberg Simrad Ltd
Designing Now for the Needs of the Future
  • Deepwater ROVs–Beyond 2000m – D Stroud, Perry Tritech Inc
  • Experience and Current Status with the Subsea NORSOK Standards – O Inderberg, Kongsberg Offshore as; and J Bruun–Olsen, Statoil
  • End User Applications of Wideband Piezocomposite Transducer Technology – V Murray and C McLean, Fugro–UDI
AUV Intervention
  • The AUV Revolution: Tomorrow is Today! – J McFarlane, International Submarine Engineering Ltd
  • ‘Hugin’–An Untethered Underwater Vehicle System for Cost–Effective Seabed Surveying in Deep Waters – N Størkersen, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment; and A Indreeide, Statoil
  • The End of Research Ships? ‘Autosub’–an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Ocean Science – G Griffiths et al, Southampton Oceanography Centre
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for Offshore Surveys – A Bjerrum, Maridan
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