Salvage and Decommissioning Committee

Chair Moya Crawford
Chair Karen Seath
Coordinator Abigail Davies

Vidar Åhjem
Eliana Mercy Araujo
Felicity Arthur
John Baxter
Alison Brand
Simon Burney
Kevin Campbell
Sarah Canning
Andrew Chamberlain
Nick Donnelly
Arnstein Eknes
Jim Elliott
Mike Elliot
Kate Gormley
Lee Hanlon
Becky Hitchin
Hannah Hood
Mark James
Nigel James
Tony Laing
Mark Lawrence
Hannah Lawson
Andy Liddell
Andy Matkin
Thomas Miller
Joel Mills
Peter Oliver
Kilian Palop
David Paterson
Bill Ritchie
Murray Roberts
Sally Rouse
Erin Sherratt
Mark Shields
Dan Stewart
Simon Swallow
Win Thornton
Tom Walters
Martin Watts

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