Early Careers Offshore Site Investigation Geoscience and Geotechnics

The existing OSIG committee has created a new early careers group to promote OSIG to a younger audience. The group is named ECOSIGG (Early Careers Offshore Site Investigation Geoscience and Geotechnics) to encompass the broad skill sets relevant to the group. The group’s remit is to promote ECOSIGG, OSIG and SUT to a younger and broader audience (industrial and academic), improve knowledge sharing through regular presentations from members and to organise the first ECOSIGG conference.

Co-Chair: Thejesh Kumar Garala (Fugro)
Co-Chair: Tom Perry (WoodThilsted Partners)
Social Media Officer: Sophie Martin (Geo-4D)
Academic Liaison Officers: Jared Charles (University of Southampton), Pishun Tantivangphaisal (Imperial College London)
Social & Events Organisers: Pheobe Lipp (Arup), Jack Rice (NGI)
Fundraising & Sponsorship Officer: Mehmet Ilcioglu (Global Maritime)
Supporting Committee Member: Ana Isabel Pirrone (Offshore Wind Consultants)