A Life Less Ordinary – Subsea Inspection Operations

22 June, 2022



Registrations open 1730hrs BST – Presentations start at 1800hrs BST.

SUT Member – £15 | Non-Member – £25

An evening meeting considering how subsea inspection operations can vary widely in requirements and execution. Diving, tooling, vehicles and data capture techniques will be reviewed by subject matter experts in these areas.

Kris Chambers; bp diving specialist

Commercial diving across bp’s operations

Commercial diving is an activity that is performed routinely in support of energy companies. Its utilization as a tool for construction, inspection, maintenance and repair stretches much further than most people imagine. In 2022 following bp restructuring, Kris’s mission is to understand where bp routinely performs diving activities and to educate these teams about safe and compliant diving operations.  Kris also needed to review and assess the worksites from a diving risk perspective and to perform assurance on suppliers Diving Safety Management Systems.

This presentation is primarily about the journey Kris is on and the complexity of reaching out to all parts of a global company to minimise diving requirements and ensure safe and compliant diving operations.

Graham Marshall: Subsea Project Manager, Sonomatic.

Subsea Pipeline Inspection through Challenging Coatings.

Subsea pipelines are coated not only for protection against external corrosion but also to offer insulation and stability at high and low temperatures. These types of coatings are attenuative to conventional Ultrasonics, however, advances in technology have enabled Sonomatic to develop an inspection technique called Dynamic Response Spectroscopy. This enables low-frequency ultrasonics to penetrate these attenuative coatings, determine a pipe wall thickness and prevent the need for coating removal.  This also reduces the carbon footprint for this type of inspection.  Graham will talk about the development and qualification of this technology.

Scott Jenney, CEO, Film-Ocean.

Restricted Access Inspection – Where size matters and being small can be essential

As assets and infrastructure age the ability to provide integrity assurance through inspection is vital.

This can mean finding inspection methods to undertake tasks previously postponed or omitted because of restricted access – success enables assets to remain in service beyond their original design life. Scott will share some of the innovative solutions designed and used to achieve this.

Martin Sayer, Managing Director, Tritonia Scientific Ltd

Machine learning in underwater inspections: current and future applications.

Dr Martin Sayer is the co-owner of Tritonia Scientific Ltd., a company based in Oban.  Tritonia has teams that specialise in evaluating and advancing new techniques for cost-efficient, precise and accurate underwater inspections.  Increasingly, these approaches are complemented and accelerated through the adoption of advanced machine learning procedures.  This presentation will describe some of the applications currently being used in inspection work carried out by Tritonia in the oil and gas, harbours and piers, aquaculture, and academic sectors.  Emerging developments will focus on integrating intelligent semi-autonomous navigational control of underwater vehicles with enhanced modelling capabilities in ways that will increase the optimisation of how inspections could be conducted in the near future.