Aberdeen Branch Evening Meeting – Late Life Challenges and Managing the Risks

Registration: 5:30pm, Presentations: 6pm followed by a networking buffet at 7.30pm

20 April, 2016


Mature assets have many challenges of which can offer risk and uncertainty that require to be mitigated.  These challenges in many cases can only be achieved with the adoption of innovation and technology; in many respects the UK has led the way in many creative approaches to address the day-to-day late life challenges, which have been applied globally. This event will share case studies that reflect how innovation and technology can overcome some of these challenges. Plus a technology byte, showing how locally we have a great representation of budding subsea engineers in this global subsea environment.

Chairperson: Tony J.A. Laing (Laing Associates – Independent Technology and Business Consultant)

Technology Byte; Marine Advanced Technology Education – from Scotland to NASA

Presentation – SUT 20 April 2016 MATE

Presenter; Graeme Dunbar (Robert Gordon’s University)

Budding engineers from the winning Scottish secondary school are bidding for the international finals of the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) at the NASA Space Centre in Houston in June, this presentation will offer us a flavour of the regional contestants pitch and how as a global subsea sector we are committed to innovation and education. The Scottish Regional Finals were held on 31st March.

Company; Maersk and SubC

Presenters;  Daniel Warrick (Head of Subsea – Maersk Oil) and Neil Parry (Director of Project Development – Sub C Partner)

Title; In-situ Replacement

Presnetation – SUBCP-SUT-20-04-2016-PDF

The presentation will demonstrate through with the recent Maersk GP03 FPSO  buoyancy module replacement case study how subsea innovation can be engineered and delivered to meet operational and economic challenges faced by Operators.  This will focus on how key technical and operational criteria were met whilst maintaining the optimal balance with HSEQ and cost effectiveness.

Company: Tracerco

Presenter: Lee Robins (Subsea Manager)

Title: Knowing the unknown, and mitigating uncertainty in pipeline inspection

Presentation – Tracerco Discovery for SUT Aberdeen – 20 April 2016

This presentation will share with you via case studies how uncertainty of pipeline integrity and flow assurance issues underneath insulation, in both complex pipelines and flexibles, can be mitigated by using computed tomography (CT) technology.  Tracerco rose to the recognised industry challenge by developing their subsea CT scanner (a world’s first) within a 2 year period, from inception to the first commercial project.  Since then Tracerco has addressed a range of challenges both from deep water to late life mature assets and complex geometries, providing real time data to assist the technical authorities to make rapid decisions.

Company; Shell (BG Tunisia)

Presenter; Adnan Razzouk (Shell/BG Tunisia) Project Manager & Phill Roberts (Woodgroup Kenny) Project Manager

Title: R1D Project Case study

Presentation – Shell_BG Tunisia SUT Presentation 20 April 2016

This presentation demonstrates a project example of how a late life challenge has embraced innovative thinking in dealing with common matters that could help reduce IRM costs, whilst maintaining safe and steady operation. It is based on an ongoing project activity to pro-actively repair a subsea Xmas tree defect at the flowbase, the defect is located within the flowbase connector downstream of the choke insert. The presentation will explain the option select process and the innovative options that were assessed and compared with the more costly traditional option of  simply replacing the Xmas Tree.