Aberdeen Evening Meeting – Challenges and Solutions for Transport and Equipment Design for CCUS


23 March, 2023


This event has been postponed until late April/early May – new date TBC.

Aberdeenshire Cricket Club, Morningside Road, Aberdeen AB10 7FB

Registrations from 1730hrs (please note tickets need to be purchased online, there is no facility to take payments on the door). Presentations start 1800hrs.

Carbon capture, utilisation and storage is a key element of the global toolkit to manage carbon emissions and support the movement to net zero.  The UK and Europe are at the forefront of this nascent industry, identifying and overcoming the challenges that the transport of carbon dioxide poses in the management of flow regimes, product specifications, and equipment design to achieve the aspirations for carbon sequestration.  This evening event will provide an opportunity to understand some of these challenges and solutions.

Hooman Haghighi, Global Energy Transition Manager – Intelligent Operations, Wood

CO2 Storage in Depleted Gas Reservoirs

Depleted gas reservoirs are recognised as one of the most promising candidates for carbon dioxide storage. Primary gas production followed by injection of carbon dioxide after depletion is the strategy adopted for secure long term storage benefiting from high seal integrity in this reservoirs. The efficiency of such operation would depend on the reservoir characteristics, depletion pressure and injection strategies. There have been several studies (and some ongoing research work) referring to different critical factors influencing the reservoir performance, while less attention has been paid to operational challenges when considering the full integration of transport and storage cycles. In this presentation we would focus on challenges associated with CO2 transport and injection into gas depleted reservoirs and lessons learnt from our recent projects and studies.

Sylvain Denniel, Manager – Offshore Engineering Division, TechnipFMC

Presentation details coming soon!