Aberdeen Evening Meeting – Gadgets & Widgets

Part of TechFest 2019

18 September, 2019



Gadgets & Widgets – Totally Technical

Alex Stanning, Senior Project Engineer, Subsea 7

An introduction to the new Dynamic ARival Temperature (DART) system, which will vary the thermal performance of a pipe-in-pipe system and revolutionise pipe-in-pipe thermal design, especially for HPHT fields.

Craig Mulholland, Engineering Manager EMEA, Oceaneering

Oceaneering is currently trialling our next generation of technology to reduce Wellhead fatigue during Plug and Abandonments or work overs.

Frank Ponsonby, Technical Sales Engineer, Fathom Systems Ltd

Fathom Systems fNET HD Camera brings a step change in the advancement of remote image quality for the commercial diving market.The on-board integration of a high intensity light, orientation, depth and bail-out sensors, provide a unique enhancement to help reinforce diver safety.  Only two wires are required to communicate the data and a true HD picture, making fNET HDC a cost effective game changer to the subsea inspection industry.

Cameron McNatt, Managing Director, Mocean Energy

Mocean Energy is developing a small-scale wave energy converter (WEC), called Seabase: it transforms energy in ocean waves into electricity. We are applying the technology to subsea applications to provide power and comms to subsea equipment, residential AUVs / ROVs, and monitoring systems.

Allan Donaldson, Senior Sales Engineer, Tritech International Ltd

In 2019, Tritech has developed a range of new technology including a new survey and scientific grade bathymetric system, an updated mechanical scanning sonar, higher resolution multibeam scanning sonars and the Diver Mounted Display system which enables divers to have visibility in zero visibility water.

Stuart Moir, Project Engineer, Ecosse IP Ltd

Ambient Lifter – The Goose that lays the Golden Eggs having progressed from our first design of Ambient Lifter we will now introduce you to the various derivations of Ambient Lifter and the progression of our technology in the subsea lifting market.

Andy Smerdon, Managing Director, Aquatec Group Limited

Sometimes you need to monitor several subsea pressures in the same vicinity, but can’t run cables or send divers off to check gauges every few minutes.  Thanks to Aquatec’s AQUAmodem 500P – a coffee-cup-sized acoustic gadget with built-in pressure sensor, you can now monitor all of the data from a single receiver, either ROV-mounted, or dipped overboard.  We describe the low cost technology and illustrate with case studies.

Colin Sutherland, Sales Engineer, Sonardyne

To reduce operating costs and improve efficiency, more and more operators are looking at the deployment of long term autonomous subsea resident vehicles to support inspection and light intervention tasks. To support these vehicles, there is a requirement to establish a field wide, high bandwidth wireless telemetry network to enable real-time wireless control of the vehicle as well as providing a facility to allow large amounts of data to be quickly offloaded from the vehicle without the need to dock.

Jon Beatty, Managing Director, UTEC Geomarine

Industry demands for quick, precise and cost-effective techniques for sampling and in situ soil testing have risen in the past decades. This demand is usually linked with reduced project costs, times and mobilisation and operational time. In response to these demands, UTEC Geomarine have developed a lightweight and highly agile Cone Penetrometer Test (CPT) and soil sampling system (geoROVTM) which has been utilised in many offshore applications. This paper will discuss case studies where the new system has been successfully deployed in both shallow and deep water environments and met the new industry demands.

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