Aberdeen – Subsea Electrification – Where Water and Electricity Mix

21 June, 2023



Registration from 1730hrs | Presentations start 1800hrs

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Subsea Electrification – where water and electricity mix

Electrification has long been recognised as a key enabler for net zero offshore operations, but uptake has been notoriously slow. However, recent subsea technology developments are bringing the all-electric subsea field closer to realisation, not least driven by demands for reduced OPEX and CAPEX, increases in tieback distances and emission reduction targets. This evening meeting will present some exciting developments in the field of electrification, as the industry inches closer to fully sustainable offshore operations.


“All Electric Control Systems – A new architecture” Jan-Trygve Borlaug,  Product Specialist Engineer, Aker Solutions

When seeking a solution that balances safety, performance and cost, Aker Solutions have developed an innovative distributed All Electric controls system architecture.In this architecture, the control modules are distributed to each valve, enabling flexible system solutions, and challenging the current perception of subsea control systems with regards to safety and operational characteristics


Electrification of Production Systems” Daniele Petrone, Global Life of Field Solutions Manager, OneSubsea

An slb view on holistic approach of benefits of electrification from completion to topside, as we believe only integration will really unlock benefits of going electric. The reduced carbon footprint of the approach will also be discussed


“Intelligent energy management for electrification of offshore operations using clean energy” Richard Knox, CEO, Verlume

Recognising the challenge of renewable energy intermittency and energy security needs for offshore operations, this presentation will cover Verlume’s work combining seabed battery storage with wave energy to deliver emission-free, renewable power and communications to subsea infrastructure, ROVs and AUVs. Discussions will also cover the use case for intelligent energy management and storage technologies for larger power applications, using offshore wind turbine generators.