Aspects of the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

07 April, 2011


Aspects of the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry


7 April 2011 North of England Branch Technical Seminar and Dinner Cruise

Sponsored by Wellstream







The North of England Branch of the SUT ran a seminar which aimed to provide a background to the breadth of the offshore oil and gas industry. The North of England is home to a number of major suppliers to this industry, and the seminar was designed to provide the context in which these companies operate. In other words, it was intended to help engineers working in one area to appreciate where their product fits into the broader picture. The talks were aimed primarily at students, new graduates and engineers who want to broaden their knowledge, but was also intended to be of interest to more experienced engineers, and as well as provide an informative backdrop for non-engineers who work in the industry.

The social evening followed the seminar and provided an opportunity for those who work in the offshore oil and gas industry, or in any other underwater industry, to mix in an informal atmosphere, and to enjoy a social drink and a fish supper.



Life Extension of Subsea Structures

Dr Afshin Motarjemi, Xodus Group


Geology of Hydrocarbon Exploration

Dr Kuncho Kurtev, Newcastle University