Can Offshore Operations be Environmentally Sustainable?

JIE - SUT, IMCA & THS:UKI Scotland Branch

30 November, 2023


THS:UKI Scotland Branch, IMCA and SUT are jointly holding our well-respected join industry seminar – 30 November 2023 in Aberdeen, UK.

In the age of energy transition, hydrocarbon recovery continues to be important for security while renewable energies become an increasing factor in the energy mix. However, hydrocarbon recovery is also of extreme economic importance in support of funding energy transition and Net Zero goals, while also continuing to be extremely important for non-energy related requirements such as plastics and pharmaceuticals.

How can offshore operations be as environmentally sensitive as possible?

This seminar aims to consider technological and operational solutions which are being developed in support of the goal of environmental sustainability, which may include: 

  • Net-Zero Operations 
  • GHG Emissions 
  • Carbon Capture 
  • Eliminating Leaks 
  • Alternative fuels 
  • New Basin Planning 
  • Alternative energy 
  • Electrification 
  • Hydrogen 
  • Workforce 
  • Autonomy/Automation 
  • Remote operations 
  • Reconditioned assets 
  • Policy 
  • Responsible Decom 

Abstracts should be submitted covering any of the noted considerations, which may be applicable to any aspect of subsea and offshore operations such as: 

  • Inspection, Repair, Monitoring & Maintenance/ Operations & Maintenance; 
  • Survey; 
  • Construction; 
  • Environment & Ocean Science; 
  • Decommissioning; 
  • Please note: abstracts from other discipline groups/ sectors will be considered. 

Abstracts of 150 words are invited considering the above topics of interest to members of all three societies, with the aim of providing a 20-minute presentation. 

See the attached flyer for more details and submit your abstract to by 1st September 2023.

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