Coastal Futures 2020

15 January, 2020 - 16 January, 2020



This is the 27th in this series of meetings organised by Dr Bob Earll of Communications and Management for Sustainability (CMS).

The most comprehensive briefing

Coastal Futures 2020 will once again be the most comprehensive briefing of the year on marine and coastal environmental issues and activities. The fully revised programme with over 50 speakers, including 18 – 3 minute presentations and can be downloaded from the Coastal Future website.

Coastal Futures 2020 Programme

Coastal Futures 2020 provides:-
• Strong perspectives – from key stakeholders and industry leaders, who take a proactive approach to the sustainability agenda in the coastal and marine environment
• Overviews – from acknowledged experts in many subjects and leaders of major events
• Future trends – pointers to future areas of activity which will directly affect your work
• Networking – an excellent opportunity to meet those at the forefront of these issues – all speakers will be asked to remain in the hall after their presentation to facilitate networking
• Themes The CF2020 conference will be focussing on the problems of climate change, ocean recovery and restoration and how we respond, exploring what we really want from our coastal and marine environment.

Coastal Futures 2020 sets out to:-
• Deliberately bring together different sectors to discuss important developments and concerns
• Describe the actual changes that are causing concern and actions being taken to deal with these
• Describe the developing programme of policy and management which is unfolding to meet these concerns
• Produce a high level of information from the conference and via social media

Please contact Bob Earll with any queries

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