Gadgets and Widgets

05 September, 2012


Gadgets and Widgets

5 September 2012 Aberdeen Branch Evening Meeting

Chairman Jim Mann, Fugro Subsea Services


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Cameron Multiple Application Reinjection System (MARSTM)

Daniele Petrone, Cameron

A platform to enable fluid injection, metering, sampling and other technologies on new or existing subsea infrastructure.


Geoostab MQC

Alan T Morris, Geoprober Drilling Ltd

An ultra-light yet robust Stabplate innovatively designed so that a torque tool is not required for the mating process.


PSL ‘Lightpath’ System

Don Walker, PhotoSynergy Ltd

Distributed fibre lighting system for subsea divers and ROV operators.


Umbilical Supplied Rebreather

Steve Burns, Unique System (UK) Ltd

A new personal diving equipment development to improve offshore commercial diving.


Multibeam Imaging Sonars

Allan Donaldson, Tritech International

A step in the right direction, from mechanical scanning to multibeam imaging.


Rapid Development System for Monitoring Slugging Response in Subsea Pipeline Spans

Brian Taylor, Pulse Structural Monitoring

A rapidly deployable, cost effective monitoring system that can be installed by a standard work class ROV.


Automating Mini ROV Control

Ioseba Tena, SeeByte

New generation sensors and software integrated to one-man portable ROV for survey and inspection tasks.


3D Vision, A New Perspective

Mike Winstanley, Bowtech

Is it a fad or a real enhancement to subsea intervention?


Subsea Trenching System Scar

Mike Wilson, Ecosse Subsea

A proven, all-in-one subsea trenching solution for rigid and flexible product trenching and backfill, route clearance and further capabilities.