Houston Integrity & Risk Assessment of Pipelines and SCRs

28 September, 2018


Delivering safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions to complex and challenging problems is the ultimate goal in our industry. Currently, the codes and standards lack specific guidance on geotechnical soil modelling for pipelines and SCRs (steel catenary risers) and strength analyses. Therefore, SUT-US is organizing this 1 -day workshop to provide a platform to stimulate a discussion and interaction between industry and researchers, and highlight the current state-of-practice and knowledge gaps in pipelines and SCRs.

Workshop topics:

  • Current practice in soil modelling for pipelines and SCRs, and knowledge gaps
  • Implications of knowledge gaps in the current practice on delivery of safe, reliable, and cost effective engineering solutions
  • Recent developments made towards addressing knowledge gaps and performance feedback
  • Field monitoring and evaluation of predictive tools
  • Mitigation and control methods
  • Future activities needed to address knowledge gaps

Workshop program

Title of Presentation Presenter
NGI Experience in pipe-soil interaction analysis Antonio Borges, NGI Perth
1-g model testing of pipelines Vishal Dantal, NGI Houston
The impact of soil damping on pipeline fatigue and spanning Ed Clukey, The Jukes Group
3D evaluation of pipe-soil interaction for lateral buckling Ryan Phillips, C-CORE
Seismic design of pipeline systems: Design Approach Aiman Al-Showaiter, Wood Group
Vertical soils springs for risers design Charles Aubeny, Texas A&M University
Risk based integrity management of pipelines and SCRs Partha Sharma, DNV GL
Comparison of SCR fatigue damage from frequency-and time-domain analyses Dilip Maniar, Stress Engineering Services Inc.
Irregular wave flixible riser simulations and fatigue life calculations Arya Majed, Intecsea
Geohazard management program for oils and gas pipeline networks Alex Baumgard, BGC
Pipeline integrity monitoring for geohazards Rodolfo Sancio, Geosyntec
Modelling spatial variability in as-laid embedment for HPHT pipeline design Zack Westgate, Fugro
Laser ID profilometry applications for pipeline integrity and line pipe end geometries/baselines Brandon McGinn, LaserStream
Panel Discussion Ed Clukey, Charles Aubeny & Vishal Dantal


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For registration information contact Araceli Lopez: communications@suthouston.com