Latest Experiences with Underwater Machines

13 February, 2013


Latest Experiences with Underwater Machines

13 February 2013 Aberdeen, UK

Chairman: Neil Stagg, BP







Techbite Presentation

Introduction to the MATE International Student ROV Competition

Graeme Dunbar, RGU

Operational Experience of AUV for Pipeline Inspection

Mike Liddell, Fugro Survey

Over the last 10 years Fugro have developed significant experience with long dive endurance, high
produc1vity deep-water AUV missions for Geohazard surveys. These vehicles are working
globally, undertaking seabed survey on large oil and gas field developments in water depth down
to 3,000msw. The recent advances in AUV survey sensor payloads combined with intelligent
software now make it possible for these vehicles to be deployed for Pipeline Inspection
operations. The unique payload configuration of the Fugro AUV enables high resolution imagery
and seabed profile data to be obtained at “high speeds”. It is now possible to visually inspect over
100km of pipeline in a single 24 hour period from water depths between 20msw and 3,000msw.
This provides operators with an entirely new option for pipeline inspection. This presenta1on
shares the results of operational experiences undertaken by Fugro in 2012

Remote Hydrocarbon Sampling

Ken Bryson, Subsea 7

The presentation looks at the reasons for hydrocarbon sampling and the requirements and
challenges rela1ng to ROV based sampling systems, including failsafe and safety systems, storage
of samples and methods for avoiding formation of wax and hydrates in the system and
samples. We will review both shallow water and deepwater multiple sampling systems developed
to date..

Q-1400 Trenching Experiences

Merv New & Mike Earlam, Fugro Subsea Services

Fugro Subsea Services, in conjunc1on with SMD of Newcastle have developed and built the Q-
1400 Trenching system with the ability to perform mechanical cuting and high pressure water jet
trenching to depths of 3m for use in the Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy markets. The machine
can handle steel pipe up 900mm diameter, flexible flowlines and umbilicals up to 250mm diameter
in soil conditions up to 250KPA. This presenta1on will share the experiences of the ini1al projects
for this innova1ve Trencher System.