LIVE WEBINAR: Hydrogen – the Hype and Reality

Joint collaboration between the PESA Energy Transition Special Interest Group (ETSIG) and the Society for Underwater Technology

22 August, 2022


WEBINAR on 22 AUGUST: ???????? – ??? ???? ??? ???????
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Have you registered to attend our inaugural Energy Transition joint webinar in collaboration with PESA Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia – Energy Transition Special Interest Group (ETSIG).

Many areas of the world have made commitments to reduce their carbon emissions, giving rise to electrification, renewable energy developments and future fuel industries such as hydrogen and its derivatives.

The hydrogen industry is in its nascent phase and whilst there is progress in its development, the gaps need identifying, risks need addressing and barriers overcome before it can reach its full potential.

In this talk, we will understand the current status of the industry and unpack the key challenges such as the lack of end-use markets, economics, infrastructure and safety to achieve a pragmatic view of the effort required to mature the industry.

Topic: ???????? – ??? ???? ??? ???????
Guest Speaker: Diane Hinson (Advisian)
Date: ??????, ???? ??????, ????
Time: ??:???? – ??:???? (????? ????)
12:30pm – Darwin, Adelaide
1:00pm – Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney

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