London – Evening Meeting – Subsea Field Architecture and Enabling Technologies

Lecture Theatre 201, Skempton Building, South Kensington Campus, Exhibition Road, Imperial College, London SW7 2AZ

16 February, 2017


The evening will consist of an in depth view of the subsea arena using a 3D simulator that allows the user to fly around the underwater environment. In the offshore world today as operators move into deeper waters with more complex completions and the thought of integrating technology solutions like subsea processing and SURF, they want to better understand what an integrated SPS equipment and SURF supplier such as TechnipFMC can offer in a sustained low cost environment. The 3D simulator allows the viewer an immersive seafloor experience to witness how the architecture is arranged and how subsea fields can be optimized taking account of total installed cost as well as full life of field considerations. From looking at the difference between horizontal and vertical trees, to watching the make-up of different types of connector, to seeing the internal parts of subsea separators and booster pumps, all of this is possible with the interactive software.

FMC Technologies started developing the software over 10 years ago and have used it in panoramic theatres at each of the major global trade shows, including OTC, ONS, OE, and AOG. Michael will take some time to fly through an example field that you might have seen at one of the shows to illustrate the life cycle of an offshore field, present an integrated SPS and SURF approach to developing subsea fields and show a number of projects which used enabling technologies, without which the fields would not be producing today. With an overall appreciation of how TechnipFMC are reshaping how subsea fields are designed, delivered and operated, for life. He might even let audience members take control so they can experience the interactive feel!

Michael Green, Senior Field Development Engineer

Michael is based in London for the newly formed company TechnipFMC. Michael joined FMC Technologies in 2014 and brought with him a wealth of experience from positions in engineering, business development,  and commercial strategy for number of other subsea consultants, SURF contractors and equipment manufacturers.

Michael holds a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from Portsmouth University and a PGDip from RGU, Aberdeen.


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