London & South of England Lunch & Learn – Blue Future

New technologies, new ocean industries and SUT's part in growing the Blue Economy

12 June, 2019



Blue Future  – New technologies, new ocean industries and SUT’s part in growing the Blue Economy

As the world seeks new low carbon energy sources, transitions to electric transportation and seeks living space and protein for 9 billion or more people by 2050 the role of marine industry and support services will take on an ever-higher profile.

In this talk SUT CEO Steve Hall will look at the emerging technologies & policy regimes that will transform how we measure, manage, farm, defend, extract resources and exercise responsible stewardship over the global ocean in coming decades, and how Learned Societies such as SUT will be part of the picture.


Steve Hall is CEO of SUT, joining in 2017 after over 25 years in oceanographic research, programme management and policy development for the UK, EU and UNESCO where he served as Vice Chair of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission. Steve played a part in drafting the concept of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development which starts in 2021, and is an advocate of marine robotic systems, reform of ocean governance in areas beyond national jurisdiction, and keeping the public informed about ocean issues.

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