Materials in Harsh Environments

23 March, 2011


Materials in Harsh Environments


23 March 2011 North of England Branch Evening Meeting

Chairman Terry Sheldrake, Wellstream International Ltd

Sponsored by Bridon International Ltd and SpanSet





Metals in Extreme Conditions

Richard Clements, Wellstream International Ltd

Never before has it been more important to understand the materials we are using in deepwater developments. The failure of components or systems installed in subsea oilfield developments carries with it implications for the environment, health and safety and corporate reputation, as seen recently in the Macondo incident in the GOM. Learning from problems with materials and proper, thorough testing and qualification play a vital role in this process, ensuring materials are suitable for the applications into which they are being put. This presentation focused on qualification and testing methodologies for metallic materials in flexible pipes for ultra-deep-water applications, the problems which can be encountered during those qualifications, and an example of an investigation into an issue raised by a client – vent valve screen corrosion.


The use of Fibre Ropes in the Marine and Offshore Industries

James Mackay, Bridon International Ltd

This presentation looked at materials, properties and focuses on the varied applications we now see high strength fibre ropes being used.