North of England – Evening Meeting – Marine Renewables, Challenges and Opportunities

17 May, 2017


Presentations from:

Opportunities & Challenges of Wave Power: If I could tell you just one thing.

Beth Dickens, Senior Engineer, Quoceant

Beth is a mechanical engineer with extensive experience of offshore renewables in her career at Pelamis Wave Power and now as a consultant at Quoceant.  In this talk she will look at the opportunities and challenges the marine renewables industry faces specifically targeting operational constraints in connecting and disconnecting devices onsite in hazardous conditions.  She’ll talk about the innovative systems developed at Pelamis to perform these tasks and their wider applicability to the marine renewables industry, offshore wind and the wider offshore market.

Anchoring – Getting the foundations right!

Andrew Hunt, Engineering Manager, Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd

SME will present how they have tackled and solved one of the key challenges facing installation of tidal energy converters, namely cost effective anchoring to the seabed.  They will discuss the development of screw pile anchors for the subsea market used in sand/clay seabeds and the novel, grout free, Raptor rock anchor solution.  The products have applicability far beyond just marine renewables; it’s just that SME by the nature of its business solved the problem in perhaps the most hostile subsea environment first.


Venue: Newcastle University, Armstrong Building,  Room ARMB 1.48, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU

Registration 6.00pm – Presentations 6.30pm – Refreshments 7.30pm

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