North of England | Offshore Turbines – Getting it in the Ground

22 November, 2022



Registration & Refreshments 6.00pm | Presentations 6.30pm
Newcastle University, Armstrong Building, Room ARMB1.49,
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU

Seabed Geology v/s Offshore WTG interconnecting power cables

Peter Allan, PACE Geotechnics

Peter will need little introduction to many having been in the industry since 1990. Foundation stability and successful burial of subsea cables/pipelines all come down to getting the initial site analysis right – find out direct from Peter how these engineering decisions are made.

Peter’s talk will focus on the protection of WTG interconnecting cables in context of the geotechnical challenges and the tools used to get them effectively into the seabed, illustrated with project examples.

The engineering that bridges between seabed geology & Offshore Wind infrastructure

Dr Indrasenan Thusyanthan, Managing Director of G&D Geosolutions

‘Thushy’ is a recognized expert in the field of offshore geotechnics with a wealth of project experience. Geotechnics play a vital role at all stages of offshore windfarm development. This talk presents the key stages in an offshore windfarm project where geotechnical input is critical, challenges in geotechnical aspects of pile design in rock, effect of pile diameter on axial capacity in rock and recommended design methodology. The talk will be underpinned and illustrated with practical examples.