OES – Artificial Reefs

06 March, 2024


Deep dive into the world of nature-based solutions and discover how companies like ARC Marine are restoring marine habitats whilst at the same time building large offshore infrastructure projects.  ARC Marine have developed reef cubes® to be the most sustainable building material in our oceans. They are made of carbon negative concrete, plastic free, consist of 98% recycled materials and certified safe for use in the marine environment.  They meet the technical requirements of coastal developers enabling them to choose reef cubes® to protect their marine infrastructure, preventing the use of traditional toxic and high carbon alternatives. reef cubes® are scientifically proven to boost biodiversity, restore our oceans and prevent millions of tons of GHG’s being produced as well as restoring damaged reef ecosystems whilst humans continue to build in the ocean to fight climate change.

Note: Registration is not required to attend the event in person.

Find out more information and register at oes.org.uk/event/artificial-reefs