Perth – Autonomous Marine Technology (AMT) Conference 2023

18 October, 2023 - 19 October, 2023


An unmissable event for all subsea professionals! SUT-Perth is excited to invite you to the AMT (formerly AUT) 2023 Conference

  • starting with the Ice-Breaker Function on Tuesday 17 October – see separate page on our Events Listing.
  • followed by a 2-day Conference, from Wednesday 18 – Thursday 19 October, 2023


Returning in 2023, the Autonomous Marine Technology Conference (formerly Autonomous Underwater Technology Conference AMT) will be held in Perth, Western Australia in October. The conference aims to showcase the rapid advances in the AMT field along with demonstrating real world and future potential applications of the different technologies within our marine environment.

This long running and well reputed conference continues to be one of the most globally essential knowledge centres and networking opportunities in this field, allowing delegates to meet with industry leaders, academics and researchers in this innovative section of subsea development.

In addition, you’ll gain invaluable insights and new learnings about technology advances and recent case studies of AUT equipment to assist in your professional development.

REGISTRATION & PROGRAMME: More details coming soon!

As autonomous technology continues to evolve, primarily from investment from the defence sector, research and private industry, users have improved access to deliver solutions from autonomous platforms. Whether these automated solutions are achieved through autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV), uncrewed surface vessels (USV) and/or autonomous control software for ships, the marine industry continues to witness rapid advancements in this space.

Autonomous technology is allowing us to image and map otherwise inaccessible deep oceans in high resolution, inspect offshore infrastructure in greater detail to aid life of field decisions, rapidly map large tranches of the seabed for salvage operations and/or research and development, and act as a safe and reliable platform for mine counter measure and other defence operations. The broad applications for Autonomous Marine Technology (AMT) attract continued investment and subsequent technological advancements resulting in promotion of autonomous technology as the platform of choice to deliver solutions to customers.

To acknowledge this important and growing industry sector, the AHS/SUT conference organising committee aims to demonstrate these new applications and different technologies along with supporting the ongoing experiences of the traditional acquisition of marine data.

This long running and well reputed conference continues to be one of the most globally important networking opportunities in this field, allowing contact between defence, industry and research specialists.

Abstracts are sought for this conference, under the theme “Marine Autonomy for a Sustainable Future”.  The theme will focus on how marine robotics and autonomous systems can contribute to sustainable oceans, through advancements in technology such as:

  • Autonomous and / or remote inspection by AUV / ROV
  • Contactless CP
  • Hydrocarbon detection and mapping
  • Subsea Wireless Mesh Networking.
  • Swarming technologies and algorithms
  • Improvements in battery technology, yielding longer mission durations
  • Ability to generate own power and increase mission endurance
  • AUV pay load advances, such as INS, MBES, SSS, seismic systems, communication links
  • Launch/recovery systems
  • AUV Simulation
  • Innovations in oceanographic and marine environmental gliders
  • Advances in geotechnical data gathering using robotic drilling techniques
  • The role of AMT in subsea intervention and IMR applications
  • Metocean and environmental applications
  • Military and security applications using AMT
  • Latest developments with USV’s (Uncrewed Surface Vessels)
  • Search & Rescue using remote or automated technologies
  • Personnel Transfer (Military & Recreational applications)




The Perth Branches of the SUT and AHS cordially invite you to participate in this consistently popular event. This conference has become one of the most important networking opportunities in this field, allowing you to meet with industry leaders, academics and researchers in this innovative section of subsea development. Technology advances and recent case studies of AMT equipment will be presented, providing continued professional development. Various sponsorship packages are available for your consideration.


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