Pipeline Replacement Project

17 March, 2011


Pipeline Replacement Project


17 March 2011 London Evening Meeting

Chairman Dr Bob Allwood, Chief Executive, SUT

Sponsored by Flexlife







In early January 2011, the 14" flowline between Forties Bravo (FB) and Forties Charlie (FC) platforms developed a leak in the vicinity of the FC platform. Several repairs were undertaken, however, new leaks occurred in the line at each pressure test after repairs. It was decided to cut out and remove a 10m section of the line for further examination and analysis to determine the cause of its failure. On removing this section, a Smart flanged section was put in its place. Unfortunately during the pressure test new failures were identified and it was therefore decided to retire the line altogether.

In order to mitigate both valuable production and associated financial losses, a decision was taken to provide a temporary connection between FB and FC, by re-routing the currently existing 8” produced water flexible injection line (PWRI) also running between FB and FC, which allowed for re-instatement of hydrocarbon transport. This work was extremely fast track and production was restored by using this measure on 6th March 2011.

A number of options were considered for the permanent line replacement. It was concluded that the temporary connection will be replaced by a permanent, trenched and buried 14” flexible pipeline, the design of which has already been approved; its fabrication and installation to be executed over the next 4 to 6 months.



Apache Forties – Bravo to Charlie Pipeline Replacement Project and Interim Production through PWRI

The evening’s presentation was split into two portions. The first section presents the interim findings of the materials and corrosion examination and analysis including photographic evidence showing the failure modes in the line. This was presented by David Newman, Flexlife Asset Integrity Manager.

Following on from this, a presentation detailing the subsea campaigns since early January 2011 culminating in the novel rerouting of the produced water line (PWRI) and its connection into the Bravo – Charlie system was given by Paul Williams who is a Project Manager with Flexlife and was directly responsible for these works.