Subsea Equipment Insurance – What’s the point?

SUT Middle East Webinar

19 October, 2021



Webinar on Tuesday 19th October 2021 at 1200hrs GST (GMT+4)

Keith Broughton at Beazley will introduce subsea equipment insurance, essentially what is covered and what is not, as well as the types of equipment and dive systems insured.

Brian Boahene from DWF will identify the challenges often faced by Contractors with what is often considered insured, but may not be, including project vs own equipment insurance.


Event chaired by Spencer Clark, SUT Middle East and Director Lloyd Warwick, Abu Dhabi


Lloyd Warwick International is a specialist loss adjusting and claim management company serving the global insurance business.

DWF’s offering in the Middle East is centred around Financial Services, insurance and the Energy sectors. The team in Dubai are able to assist clients in all aspects of legal work in these sectors.

Beazley are a group of global insurance professionals operating in the London market and specialising in marine, property, data breach and life insurance.

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Event sponsored by Beazley, DWF and Lloyd Warwick