Perth – Subsea Production Systems – ONLINE Course

04 August, 2020


We are excited to announce that our Subsea Production Systems – Operation, Inspection & Maintenance Course is now available online.

The operation of subsea production systems requires operation, inspection and maintenance strategies that differ considerably from their onshore counterparts. This course provides an introduction to the elements of a subsea production system and how they are operated to maximise production and protect system integrity.

Additionally, presenters will explore the typical operational parameters for a subsea system, the information available during normal operation and the requirements for inspection and maintenance to mitigate the many risks posed by the both the subsea environment and the produced fluids.

This course will be a live streamed, online course. It is not pre-recorded. All attendees will be able to interact live, with our presenters and ask questions via the online platform. 

To register for the course please download the REGISTRATION FORM and submit via email.

Please contact Trish Slapp for further information about this course.