Subsea Resources: North Sea Collaboration ÔTheres no Plaice Like the Dogger Bank

22 January, 2014


Subsea Resources: North Sea Collaboration
‘There’s no Plaice Like the Dogger Bank’

22 January 2014 Newcastle Evening Meeting

Chairman  Dr. Malcolm Storey, Director, WBP Ltd.



The world’s oceans are common to increasingly different industries and, as their uses multiply, so does the need for better understanding between these vested interests.
These lectures are about collaboration between the oil and fishing industries. In particular, they deal with how the traditional fishing industry and the newer oil and gas exploration and production industry are able to work together, in harmony, for the common good.

‘An Overview of North Sea Fishing’
Mike Montgomerie, Gear Technologist, Seafish

Mike Montgomerie is a former trawlerman who will talk about the high-technologies used to target the different species of fish and the kinds of information used to identify and avoid the location of subsea equipment. He will give an overview of risks of becoming fast on seabed hazards and address the design considerations of modern fishing gear and vessels and their applications. Mike is from Seafish which is an industry body set up to sustain a profitable future. for the British Seafood Industry.

Subsea Overtrawlable Structures
Ian Davidson, Principle Engineering Eastern Hemisphere, FMC Well Completions

FMC is a global corporation and Ian Davidson is the Principal Engineer responsible for well completions systems in the eastern hemisphere. His talk will focus on the ethos behind the design of overtrawlable structures in subsea engineering and how, in a spirit of overt collaboration, FMC has endeavoured to design, develop and apply their ‘fishing friendly structures’ to meet approval by the Scottish Fisherman’s Federation. Ian’s lecture will discuss; design, installation, loading and how risk analysis is used to mitigate snagging.