SUT+ Decarbonizing Hydrogen Production

26 May, 2021



Webinar 1330 – 1430  BST (GMT +1)

Speaker – Jamie Elliott, Principal Consultant, DNV

Jamie Elliott is a Principal Consultant in DNV’s Energy Systems division. His 15 years’ experience spans the entire oil & gas value chain from the well to the domestic meter, which he applies to help organisations safely navigate the energy transition. Jamie’s work has included safety engineering for hydrogen fuelling of buses and heavy vehicles. He was co-author on a report on net zero emissions for one of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds, providing analysis on future trends in blue and green hydrogen, CCS, aviation, shipping, biofuels, e-fuels and more. As part of the HyNTS project, Jamie developed a roadmap for the R&D required for a hydrogen trial on the National Transmission System (NTS).

Jamie will cover the following in his presentation:

  • Hydrogen Production – Grey, Green and Blue
  • Blue Hydrogen and CCS
  • Energy Islands – Offshore Green Hydrogen Production
  • Hydrogen and Ammonia as Maritime Fuels
  • Heating Our Homes with Hydrogen – HyNTS FutureGrid