SUT/MASTS Workshop

02 November, 2018


Technology & Innovation Centre, Glasgow From 13:30 on 1st to 12:45 on 2nd November 2018

Decommissioning and Wreck Removal
Influence, educate and unlock opportunities: Informing key decom and wreck removal challenges.

Join us at this sixth Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) and Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland (MASTS)Decom and Wreck Removal Workshop, where we bring together international expertise from oil and gas decommissioning, marine salvage, renewables and marine science, to build a shared understanding and explore solutions within wreck removal and offshore decommissioning.

Connect, network and debate with a range of international scientists, engineers, salvers, operators, regulators, trade bodies, NGOs, insurers, lawyers, and other users of the sea, to consider topics using a holistic life cycle approach.

Workshop topics:

  • Global Environmental Challenges for Decommissioning – Explore pan basin challenges to managing the environment during decom, environmental policy drivers of decom practices and funding mechanisms for international industry and academic collaborations.
  • Capture and Sharing of Marine Data – Interactive session exploring what data scientists need in order to understand our marine environment, and how industry can help them to get hold of it.
  • Innovative Techniques and Technology Linking Salvage & Decom – From simulation and augmented reality, to the use of explosives as a cutting tool, this session explores the link to ecosystem impact, addresses possible misconceptions, and asks how to better integrate the scientific community with practical engineering matters and evaluation of options.
  • Cutting Piles – Drill cutting pile options during decommissioning includenatural recovery, bioremediation, relocation and removal; We explore the current situation and discuss potential future developments.

Please click here for the flyer, or for more information and to register go to using the discount code DECOMW (Please note the code is active for this workshop only).