SUT+ Site Visit – Fugro Remote Operations Centre

27 July, 2022



Join SUT+ for a site visit to the Fugro Remote Operations Centre in Aberdeen.

About this event

This event is free to attend; spaces are limited to 16 so please register in advance to guarantee a place.

Fugro is leading the transition to remote and autonomous operations through their global network of remote operations centres (ROCs). Their 10-strong global network of ROCs is established in the Americas, Europe, and Africa, Middle East and India, and the Asia-Pacific regions. Fugro’s objective is to perform command and control operations, and offer clients a range of remote capabilities based on their individual requirements.

The ROCs deliver industry-leading solutions and real-time insights so that clients can manage their offshore projects safely. Fugro’s continuous developments in remote operations support the industry’s remote and autonomous revolution.

Fugro’s best-in-class ROCs are the foundation for a highly scalable remote and autonomous future that is globally integrated, standardised for consistent high-level project execution that delivers tangible added-value benefits to each client project.

Applications range from low-bandwidth operations supporting a specific market, such as asset positioning, through to advanced high-bandwidth operations requiring sub-second latency for command and control of remote and autonomous assets.