SUT+ Site visit to the Balmoral Subsea Test Centre in Aberdeen

28 April, 2022



Thursday 28th April, 1700-1830hrs

Join SUT+ for a site visit to the Balmoral Subsea Test Centre in Aberdeen.

We are following government guidance regarding Covid-19 so request that attendees wear a face covering when moving around the buildings and sanitise when entering and leaving the buildings.

Although the Balmoral Subsea Test Centre is recognised for its hydrostatic testing capabilities, the comprehensive facility also offers wide-ranging mechanical, submersion and offshore wind component testing, with full on-site support services including transportation, fabrication and electrical services.

A wide range of equipment types have been tested at the centre over the years including Christmas trees, subsea control modules, flying leads/jumper cables, ball valves, composite pipes, subsea HPUs, transformers, riser bird cages, acrylic domes and underwater cutting tools.

Testing can be carried out in a variety of liquids including fresh and salt water, dyes, glycol, anti-corrosion and mineral oils and, with full support from Balmoral’s in-house fabrication and electrical services, clients regularly have their equipment tested, adjusted or repaired on-site avoiding the need to ship the items back and fore to their premises.

Additionally, clients can monitor their kit being tested via live data links anywhere in the world – a service we believe is unique to the Balmoral Subsea Test Centre.

Services available include:

  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Mechanical testing
  • Submersion testing
  • Offshore wind CPS testing