SUT+ Webinar – FLASC Hydro-Pneumatic Energy Storage Solution

27 April, 2022



13:30 – 14:30 BST

Speaker – Daniel Buhagiar, Co-Founder / CEO, FLASC B.V.

Offshore renewables can provide us with more clean energy than we need. The problem is that variable renewable energy supply and consumer energy demands do not always match. This limits the use of large-scale renewables, such as offshore wind, as a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

The FLASC technology can store energy where it is being produced, and use it when it is needed. It is a suitable buffer that can store excess energy production and deliver it later to compensate for deficits to meet demand. The technology can take an intermittent renewable resource and turn it into a predictable source of clean energy.


  • The Problem: Mismatch between Renewable Energy Supply / Consumer Demand
  • Why Offshore Energy Storage?
  • The FLASC Hydro-Pneumatic Energy Storage Solution
  • Past and ongoing progress on prototyping / technology upscaling
  • Different Embodiments of the Technology from subsea oil & gas to floating wind.
  • Our collaboration with Subsea 7
  • Cost / Business Case
  • Next Steps / Upcoming Development

Daniel Buhagiar is the CEO and a co-founder of FLASC B.V., a start-up with an award-winning energy storage solution for offshore applications. He is a mechanical engineer and holds a PhD from the University of Malta, during which he developed FLASC’s patented hydro-pneumatic energy storage technology. At FLASC, Daniel is leading the commercialisation of this technology, and managing collaborations with key stakeholders across a range of energy storage applications.