The 4th Society for Underwater Technology Technical Conference

23 October, 2015 - 26 October, 2015


SUTTC2015 Call for papers
The 4th Society for Underwater Technology Technical Conference is going to be held in Beijing, China, October 23th -25th, 2015, which is in order to enhance the exchange of underwater technology, and to promote the development of marine energy.

The Society for Underwater Technology is a multidisciplinary learned society that brings together organizations and individuals with a common interest in underwater technology, ocean science and offshore engineering. SUT, founded in 1966, is the most influential underwater engineering academic organizations in the world, and the headquartered is in London. SUTTC has been successfully held three times in China (Shenzhen 2012, Shanghai 2013, Qingdao 2014), which build a free exchange and cooperation platform for experts and scholars in underwater technology, marine energy

This conference is hosted by SUT China, and also endorsed by China University of Petroleum, Beijing, Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics etc. The subject of the conference is “The Exploitation of Ocean Energy”, and the topics could be as follows:

1 Subsea Pipeline Riser
  • Design, Analysis and Installation
  • Flexible Pipes
  • Mechanics of Rigid Risers and Pipelines
  • Pipe-Soil Interaction
  • Fracture and Fatigue
2 Offshore Engineering
  • Underwater System, Communication, Vehicles and Control
  • Innovative Floating Wellhead, Drilling and Production Facilities
  • FLNG, FPSO, FSRU, SPAR, Compliant Structures
  • Modeling and Interactive Analyses of Station-keeping Floating Systems (FPSO, FPS, TLP/TLWP, SPAR) with Risers, Subsea Control Deepwater Structures, Design, Redundancy, Reliability and Risk
  • Structural Integrity Management
  • Decommissioning: Recent practice, Options, Costs and Regulatory Requirements
3 Hydrodynamics and CFD
  • Freak Waves and Long Waves
  • CFD
  • VIV
  • Floating Structures and their interaction with wave/current
4 Renewable Energy & Environment
  • Offshore energy resource policies and regulatory issues
  • Offshore wave energy, wind energy and current energy technologies
  • Ocean thermal energy conversion
  • Economic risk assessment of offshore energy projects
  • Offshore energy project environmental issues
5 Sloshing and LNG Design Symposium
  • Theoretical modeling of sloshing physics
  • Probabilistic modeling of stochastic sloshing impact pressures
  • Sloshing test technology including sensor design, motions input and data acquisition
  • In-service measurements of sloshing loads
  • Strength, structural response and integrity of LNG facilities
  • Efficient and safe design of LNG storage, offshore offloading and transportation
6 Reliability and Integrity Management
  • Reliability of Marine Structures
  • Fracture and Fatigue Reliability
  • Reliability of Mooring and Riser Systems
  • Reliability of Renewable Energy Systems
  • Reliability of Mechanical Systems
7 Natural Gas Hydrate
  • Basic physical property, gas reservoir forming mechanism of natural gas hydrate
  • The exploitation and application of natural gas hydrate
8. The related technologies for subsea exploration
  • ROV
  • Exploration technologies for subsea mineral resources
  • New technology of subsea oil and gas resources exploration

Important Dates:

August 1st: the deadline of abstract submission
September 1st: the deadline of full paper submission

Paper Submission:
To ensure the academic quality of the meeting, and attract more high-level academic, we call for papers from the global world. All papers should be no more than 10 pages in length and must be written in strict accordance with the format (see the information on the website). Please submit your papers by email attachments to
The excellent papers will be recommend to a SCI indexed journal : Special Issue of《Advances in Mechanical Engineering》.

Notice: If you have no time to write a full paper, an oral presentation is also welcome. In this case, please send us the title and the abstract of your presentation in accordance with the format in our web:

Mini Symposium:
Those who are interested in organizing a mini symposium (MS) with papers in the areas of their expertise are invited to organize a mini symposium at the SUTTC2015. A mini symposium may have a single session or multiple sessions with 6-8 papers each. In case of successful organization, the mini symposium organizer’s paper will be considered as an invited paper and he/she will be granted free registration.
Prof. Menglan Duan
Chairman of SUTTC 2015 Organizing Committee,
Chairman of SUT China Branch,
Director of Offshore Oil& Gas Research Center, China University of Petroleum, Beijing
July 1st , 2015