US – Webinar: Submarine Debris Flow Impact on Pipelines and New ISO 19901-4 Draft

20 May, 2021


Thursday May 20, 2021: 9:00am-10:00am (CDT)

Submarine landslides occur frequently on both passive and active continental margins releasing sediment volumes that may travel long distances on gentle slopes (0.5 to 3 degrees) over the course of less than an hour to several days. The flowing debris has the potential to severely damage seabed installations fixed platforms, submarine pipelines, cables and other seafloor installations along its path. Understanding the impact drag forces and consequences of pipeline failure are of central importance in engineering of offshore developments.

This presentation focuses on methods developed to estimate the drag forces arising from impact of submarine debris flows on pipelines and codification of those methods in next revision of the ISO 19901-4.

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