WeÕre innovativeÉ so what?

03 October, 2012


We’re innovative… so what?

3 October 2012 Newcastle Evening Meeting







An open panel discussion

We have an enviable history of scientific and engineering innovation, of technology development, and of manufacturing. We have considerable experience of offshore hydrocarbon recovery and we are developing renewable energy technologies, but are there novel opportunities for sustainable exploitation of the world beneath the waves?

Do we have the vision, the skills, the entrepreneurship, the ability to exploit international markets, that may be required to sustain our global position in the future? Under the chairmanship of Dr Jerry Baker, Head of Subsea Lifecycle Management at Atkins, and recent recipient of Subsea UK’s Outstanding Contribution to the Subsea Industry Award, a panel of experts will take questions from the floor and discuss the future of subsea-related industry in the north of England in particular and the UK in general.

We are pleased to announce that the panelists are:
• Dr Tony Trapp, well-known entrepreneur and head of OSBIT Power
• Dr John Lawson, of Chevron Engineering Technology Company • George Rafferty, Chief Executve, NOF Energy
• Professor Dermot Roddy, Science City Professor of Energy, Newcastle University

We anticipate a lively and stimulating debate on the future of our industry.