Frank Lim

Proposer: Shreenaath Natarajan (KL Committee Member)   Seconder:      Steve Hall    

Represents 2H Offshore as a corporate member of SUT since 2004.  Current chairman of SUT China Branch and member of the SUT International Committee.

Fellow of SUT, Institution of Mechanical Engineers and Royal Institution of Naval Architects.

Frank Lim was a Global Director of 2H Offshore, a company that has pioneered technologies for riser systems that are now deployed in deepwater regions around the world, until the end of 2016.  He now assumes the role of Principal Advisor and is also a professor at the China University of Petroleum in Beijing.

Frank’s offshore engineering career began in 1983 upon gaining a PhD in the UK and continued through numerous oil and gas riser and subsea projects in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, West Africa and Brazil, working with companies like VO/John Brown, Cameron, Mentor/McDermott and 2H.  About 12 years ago, he turned his interests to deep water projects in the Asia Pacific and has ben supporting them from the 2H Kuala Lumpur and Beijing offices he set up in the region.

Since 2007, he has been leading all 2H projects in seabed mining riser design in different parts of the world, including Papua New Guinea, Pacific Ocean, Black Sea and South Indian Ocean.