Terry Griffiths

Proposer:     Rex Hubbard                      Seconder:      Mark Casey    

I was a founding member of the SUT Perth Branch in 2004 and have acted as Perth Branch Chairperson over a number of episodes since then. I have led the SUT Perth Branch through some of our greatest successes including a phase of rapid revenue growth from courses and our collaborative exhibition ‘Immerse’ with the West Australian Museum, which remains their most visited exhibit ever -and one of the highlights of my career. I have been one of the instigators of new Special Interest Groups YES! (SUT’s Young Engineers and Scientists) and Phoenix (for supporting under-utilised engineers during the downturn). I have also been an enthusiastic and supportive member of the branch committee and various sub-committees, particularly over the last few years of industry downturn where tough decisions were needed to ensure the survival of the Branch with sufficient financial strength to grow into the recovery and adapt to changing member needs. Through disciplined management the Perth Branch has now returned to surplus.

My motivation for joining Council is on the belief that SUT HQ appears to be in an unsustainable financial state based on continuing significant cash-flow deficits and limited remaining cash reserves (with the exception of 2017-2018, which had a windfall due to the OSIG conference). Whilst previous councils have taken steps to manage this, the results have not reversed the trend and therefore there is a need for clear, unfettered and decisive action to re-balance expenditures and avoid insolvency.